Trapeza® 32/207

Trapezoidal profile Trapeza® 32/207 with the stock width 1035 mm is often being used as the exterior cladding in facade systems of steel composite walls, but it is also used as the non-weatherized external cladding. Thanks to the profile height of 32 mm it is endowed by good bearing capacity and the bold wave, which is perfect for the cladding of large areas.

  • Bold wave of the trapezoidal sheet for steel cladding of facades with common but also larger dimensions
  • Palette of organic coatings for visually impressive design facades
  • Perforated design to allow the supply of light and air through the steel facade
  • External cladding in the double-skin wall system Globalwall® with the fire resistance and acoustic for plate thickness from 0,63 mm
  • Calculation software: Spaner
  • Production: Slovakia
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