Globalroof p F20

Flat roof system made of trapezoidal sheet, vapor barrier, thermal insulation of PIR decks and hydro insulation layer of PVC foil. Excellent thermal insulation properties of the roof with the low weight, including the fire classification with the exceptional load.


  • For supporting trapezoidal profiles AMC 55/250, AMC 60/235, AMC 92/275, AMC 135/310, AMC 160/250HL, AMC 200/420, min. th. 0,75 mm
  • Thermal insulation PIR decks FD-L th. ≥ 100 mm

Performance and characteristics:

  • Thermal transmittance coefficient Uᴅ = 0,18 W/m².K for thermal insulation thickness120 mm
  • Fire resistance of the roof system REI 20
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