Floline 40

Floline 40 elements used in arched systems are trapezoidal sheets of height 40mm, curved into a circular arc, according to the patented technology. The advantage of such system is the fact that structural elements, with the same profile and sheet thickness as well as with the same load, can be used at many times greater spans than traditional trapezoidal sheets.

  • Suited for insulated build up system as well as single roofing
  • Option: anti condensation inner treatment
  • Variable radius limited with the ratio: „total length/radius <= 120%”
  • Steel grade min. S320GD with optimal corrosion protection with metallic ZMevolution and organic coatings, suitable for corrosion exposition of building
  • Thickness from 0,75 mm (with the minimum radius 9,5 m) to 1,25 mm (with the minimum radius 4,5 m): for more details ask our technical departament
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