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AMC 153/290

AMC 153/290 is the trapezoidal profile with the high load capacity for the application in flat roofs structures of industrial and commercial hall objects, or in civic amenities buildings. With the height of the trapezoidal sheet of 153 mm is its stock width 870 mm, therefor in many projects it is more economical option to the trapezoidal profile AMC 160/250HL.

  • Compact trapezoidal sheet for large spans or high loads of flat roofs
  • Flexible and economic design thanks to the optimal cross section of the trapezoidal profile
  • Option of perforations on the web of the profile for better acoustic comfort in the building
  • Steel profile can be galvanized by Aluzinc or painted by the organic coating
  • Complete system Globalroof® for layered flat roof constructions with the fire resistance
  • Calculation software: Spaner
  • Production: AMC Slovakia
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