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Globalwall CIN 326 i

Double skin system with an inner structural perforated tray and an external weather steel profile of minimum 0.75mm for excellent acoustic absorption. Good sound insulation performance and a thermal Up estimated value of 0.15W/m².K.

Composition :

  • Hacierba Tray 1.500.90 SRP perforated P with a of thickness 0.75mm
  • Cladoustic with a thickness of 20mm
  • Cladipan 32 with a thickness of 130mm
  • Spacer
  • Isobardage 32 with a thickness of 120mm
  • Wall cladding profile Trapeza, Frequence or Oceane with a thickness of 0.75mm

Performance and characteristics :

  • Sound reduction index Rw(C;Ctr) = 43(-4;-12) dB
  • Acoustic absorption αw = 1.00
  • Thermal transmittance Up = 0.15W/m².K estimated
  • Weight: 25kg/m²
  • Spacing: 27cm . not including the height of the external weather profile
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