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Pulsation is a siding with specific design made of pre-painted steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Its symmetrical fold forms a visual concept in its own right: the relief and depth of field ensure an unequalled play of light and shadow. Pulsation sidings are installed vertically with invisible fixing. 

  • Validated by CSTB according "Cahier N°3747 May 2014"
  • Pulsation is used on massonery, on twin skin system, for new building or refurbishing
  • Installation in sismic area
  • Fire: incombustible
  • The wave, slightly rhythmic - 25mm, allows to break with smooth facades
  • Width: 300mm
  • Maximum length: 4000mm 
  • Total height, wave included: 30mm + 7mm
  • Pulsation Evolution : possibility to renforced the siding with a composite material for a better resistance against shocks. This re-enforced siding is also available with Flontec® the anti-graffiti coating
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