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Sinea® - 85

Sinéa®, prepainted galvanized steel of a high-temperature polymerised, 85μm polyurethane multilayer paint. Sinéa® is a high-end offer of exceptional durability and guaranteed for up to 40 years. Sinéa® is resistant to extreme climates and the most severe marine atmospheres.

  • Based on our experience and our desire to offer ever more efficient products, Sinea® is a 85 μm multi-layer system. Since each of these layers is chemically different, the properties of the new coating outperform the individual performance of each component
  • This new technology has enabled the development of the most resistant coating in the world of pre-painted steel
  • In addition to its sparkling grained appearance, Sinéa® offers a unique combination of properties
  • Excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation, color and gloss stability without geographical limitation, very good resistance to abrasion, shocks, scratches

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