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Cofraplus 77

Cofraplus® 77 is a one of the highest composite floor decking permitting to reach important spans without any propping. The trapezoidal shape of the metal floor makes it efficient in transport and in storage. Further the steel decking reduces the self-weight of the final slab compared to any prefabricated concrete solution and provide a pre-painted soffit. 

  • Large spans without props
  • Considerable weight reduction in comparison to a comparable prefabricated concrete solutions
  • Reduced costs of supporting structures due to weight reduction
  • Trapezoidal shape to make it stackable for efficient transportation & storage at site
  • Acoustic performance with Rw values from 47dB to 54dB approved by CSTB
  • The floor decking high corrosion resistance based on the metallic coating ZMevolution®
  • Floor decking can be pre-punched to pass shear connectors of the composite steel beam
  • Calculation software : Cofra 5
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