Our thermo-acoustic systems for BIM with Saint-Gobain and Isover.
02.07.2019 - Products

Steel alone cannot fulfill a protective role against bad weather and stability of a building. Over time, our development teams have come up with solutions to meet acoustic, thermal and fire resistance requirements so that we could today offer full systems.

Our partners are the insulation manufacturers, membrane, vapor barrier, fasteners and modules manufacturers.

In this project together with Saint-Gobain our aim is to provide an industrial response to the demand for BIM objects.

Thus, we combine our products with other materials to offer the market very precise systems that we characterize:

  • through the calculation of thermal performance
  • through tests for acoustic performance

We stress the importance on certifications because it brings to prescriptors, architects and engeeniring/design offices/departments a pledge of reliability regarding the data we provide and guaranteed results.

It is with the same concern for data quality that we have developed these two BIM objects.

We will continue the BIM development of our other "Isover and ArcelorMittal Construction" systems, which you can follow live via https://bimlibrary.saint-gobain.com/en/France