Build matte prepainted galvanized steel with our coating Naturel, a dual-layer of 35 μm thick thermoset polyester paint polymerized at high temperature. Its surface, made of delicate textured paint diffuses light naturally while retaining the appearance of the metal.



Like satin on skin. This prepainted galvanized steel has a 35 μm thick thermosetting polyester paint, polymerized at high temperature. Now, the beauty of this coating is to transcribe the esthetic of metal such as zinc and copper in combination with a palette of low gloss colours.



How can I find the most suitable product for my project?

We recommend to use our BUILD page.
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To which extent can I configure your product?

Our products are indefinitely configurable. Shapes and colors, just choose your the best combination and contact us for the next steps.

What kind of colours can be applied to your products?

Most colors can be seen in our colour chart (Colorissime) and since any colors can be applied to our product, contact us for further information.

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